Integrated security, design, installation and maintenance services


For 25 years on the Romanian market, directly assuring the security in more than 1000 objectives from 11 counties, Helion® is present with permanent work points in Oradea, Cluj Napoca, Timisoara and Stei, in the southern part of Bihor County.

The 24/7 technical dispatch provides an efficient organization of the technical teams, so any customer referral under contract is settled in maximum 6-24 hours.

Risk assessments and Security projects

With the entry into force of the G.O. 301/2012 and I. 9/2013, all economic agents and all public institutions in Romania are obliged to carry out the physical security risk assessment for all the working points where they carry out their activity.

We are professional, but also we understand the social hardships in Romania. That's why we are the only company in the region that offers consulting and we carry out risk assessments of the highest level at acceptable prices for the Romanian society of today.
Under Law no. 333/2003, G.O. 301/2012 and I. 9/2013, Helion® Security performs the following:
- risk assessments of physical security
- design of electronic security systems
- guard plans for objectives


Installing Security Systems

We rely on the experienced security engineers’ team, permanently trained in trainings provided by our partners and suppliers.

The quality of service is a strong point of the technical teams, so Helion® is recognized at regional level as a symbol of professionalism in the field of security.

Service & Maintenance

The maintenance packages provided contain:
- preventive revisions (proactive and predictive)
- on-site corrective interventions, on request
- call center 24/7, with intervention in maximum 6-24 h


Monitoring and rapid intervention

Half-yearly, the security companies have to submit to the Romanian Police a situation with the events for all the monitored objectives on the territory of Romania. However, very few are security companies where in the 'Intrusions without the system observing the burglary' category have the 'zero' number assigned and the intruder always stopped before entering the guarded premises.

Helion® is one of the few companies to submit perfect semester situations from this point of view. Zero breaks without notice and Zero breaks with the intruder entering the objective.

It monitors in parallel the detection of burglaries, panic cases and video surveillance by people authorized by the Romanian Police, 24/7, directly from our coordinated dispatchers.

Security is not optional!


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