Integrated security systems for institutions and private companies


After years of experience and training, both theoretically and on the field, Helion's security engineers are the most trained professionals in the region, able to offer you specialized security consultancy.

Helion's engineers were trained in Europe by army generals, professors at the George C. Marshall Center in Germany, and also in Israel's by the leading global security equipment suppliers, in order to meet the most demanding and complex requirements.

Intrusion detection and alarm systems

Helion ensures the design and maintenance of the intrusion detection and alarm systems, with personnel qualified and approved by the General Police Inspectorate.

The alarm system detects the unauthorized intrusion into the security areas of the lens.


Fire detection and fire alarm systems

The design of the fire detection systems is done in compliance with the norms of law no. 307/2006 and finally obtaining the ISU approval.

The system aims at detecting the incipient phase of any source of fire and alerting the intervention forces in a timely manner.

Video surveillance systems

An integrated security system is not complete without an effective video surveillance, allowing the real-time monitoring of suspicious events and people, and at the same time recording video images at an increased clarity, for the purpose of later proofing.


Video traffic monitoring systems

Helion® is the regional leader in the installation and maintenance of Professional Traffic Monitoring Systems.

We have installed and maintained road traffic surveillance systems in the most important cities in western Romania.

Access and timekeeping control systems

The access control systems can be integrated into timekeeping systems to highlight the employees' working time and to submit statements to the authority.

The access to the secured area can be made on the basis of a card or a biometric fingerprint.


Airport security

Helion® provides the technical maintenance and service of the Airport Security Systems. We maintain the Security Systems from all the objectives of the Oradea International Airport, Satu Mare International Airport and several objectives within the Cluj-Napoca International Airport.

We are the only company in Bihor County approved by the Border Police and the Civil Aeronautical Authority for this kind of operations.

Security is not optional!


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